lesbians do not have to explain why they do not want to sleep with a biological male

lesbians do not have to explain why they do not want to sleep with a biological male

lesbians do not have to explain why they do not want to sleep with a biological male

why does this bullshit transmisogynistic terfs post have over 1000 notes tho

Because we are fucking sick of being told we should sleep with males because they identify as women

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Important, always-relevant comic done by the wonderful Ursa Eyer.

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The ["Sex"] Buyers' Narratives [Men who purchase the services of prostituting women & their explanations for doing so]:

  • The Biological Determinism Narrative:
  • "It should be legalised over here [UK]. This is the way God created us." - (British).
  • "The people who made this questionnaire [about why men buy women in prostitution] do not understand how strong men's physiological needs are. Men with high spirits have been struggling with their sexual needs every day since they were fifteen years old. Men looking like gentlemen have the same mindset." - (Japanese, media, age 60s).
  • The 'Men Will Be Men' Narrative:
  • "It's just a lust for life, a quest for pleasure - there's not many men who are (faithful) you know." - (Australian).
  • "It's a boys' thing, and you never tell what happens with the boys." - (Australian who never visits a brothel alone).
  • The 'Women As Scum' Narrative - Getting Off on Humiliation, Degradation, and Violence Against Women:
  • "I think a lot of them [women in prostitution] are disgusting." - (Dutch).
  • "At just the right moment I leaned forward and shot my load on her face! Good amount on her lips, cheeks and an eye shot as well! She was surprised [sic] and shocked, this got me more excited than the act. I left her there with nothing to wipe the cum off with and her exclaiming to get something. Yeah right!" - (American, Internet buyers site).
  • The 'Thrill of Transgression' Narrative:
  • "Men who want to buy sex aren't deterred by police. The fear adds to the thrill." - (Canadian, business professional, age 40).
  • "But one of the main reasons I enjoy prostitutes is because I enjoy breaking the law - another reason I don't want brothels made legal. There is a charm about the forbidden that makes it desirable...crime and risk are part of the texture of life...Risk is what separates the good part of life from the tedium." - (British, age 41).
  • The 'Making My Fantasies Real' Narrative:
  • "I've been leading up to it; using pornography and looking at various websites. Rather than being a fantasy it was someone you could have sex with." - (British, management consultant, age 40).
  • "I want my prostitute not to behave like one. I want them to role play to be a pretend girlfriend...She should enjoy her business. I actually want her to be genuinely attracted to me." - (British).
  • The 'Unsatisfactory Wife, Partner, or Girlfriend' Narrative:
  • "I was quite elated afterwards. From the sexual side, which was better physically than what I would get at home, and also the conversation with the woman." - (British, IT worker, age 50s).
  • "I find it hard for her [his wife] to turn me on...and in truth she doesn't want it regularly anyway - but I have developed a sexual feeling for women that look different in some way...exotic beauties." - (Australian).
  • The 'Having It Both Ways' Narrative:
  • "The thing which in some ways bothers me the most is my almost boundless capacity to just simply ignore what I have done, and fully plan to do it again." - (British).
  • "I know I love her [his wife] and I don't want to leave. It's not like I'm having an affair. I've been using the girls at the parlours for over nearly 20 years...It's not really about the person. It is just about a sexual release. My wife is still my best friend." - (Australian).
  • The 'Service Like Any Other' Narrative:
  • "I see us as adults. I want to pay and someone wants to sell." - (British, IT worker, age 50s).
  • "If I am satisfied with what I am buying, then why should I be violent? I will be violent when I am cheated, when I am offered a substandard service...Sometimes [violence] is because the prostitute wants the client to use condoms. They force it on the client...He will naturally be disgruntled, and there will be altercations." - (Indian, bank clerk, age 54).
  • The 'Traveler's' Narrative:
  • "Truck driving is not an easy task...We miss our wives...Yet we need comfort." - (Cameroonian, truck driver, 38).
  • "[It] would be a walk of shame in your own backyard...But when you're on the other side of the world man, who cares?" - (undesignated john).
  • The 'No Emotional Strings' Narrative:
  • "I am attracted to prostitutes because there are no emotional entanglements, and I like the idea of sex with different women." - (American, PhD, inventor, philanthropist, age 52).
  • "No big deal, it's just like getting a beer." - (British).
  • The 'I Don't Like What I'm Doing, But I Still Do It' Narrative:
  • "I do not like myself engaging in prostitution. I am selfish in that I cannot live without engaging in prostitution." - (Japanese, public official, age 40s).
  • "See, I understand that the prostitute is there in the first place because she has no choice...I feel bad about this, especially if she is forced or sold. But the fact is that she is in the flesh market...It may sound bad, but the fact is that she is a commodity offering a service and she should accept that. We should all." - (Indian, civil servant, age 39).
  • The 'Male Bonding' Narrative:
  • "You go out for a few beers with your mates after work and then like, someone'll just mention it, 'Let's go get a brass,' 'finish a good night off.' " - (British).
  • "Here in Australia, we think nothing of going to a strip bar for a business luncheon...It's just something you do with your mates...If you're in the mood for a little lap dance for dessert or want to head off to the VIP room for a quickie, no one really gives a damn." - (Australian).
  • The 'Easy Option' Narrative:
  • "After a working day of 8-9 hours, I am not interested in looking for vague company in a bar...It is the easiest option in my life situation for satisfying my sexual needs." - (Finnish, education professional, age 50).
  • "It's like going to McDonald's; most people are looking for a good quick cheap meal. It's satisfying, it's greasy, and then you get the hell out of there." - (McSex).
  • The 'Welfare' Narrative:
  • "These girls gotta' eat, don't they? I'm putting bread on their plate. I'm making a contribution. They'd starve to death unless they whored." - (American military, Philippines).
  • "Maybe it is true. Maybe these women have horrible, depressing lives. If they do and to the extent that they do, I'm a few hours of easy money. I'm a free meal." - (American, sex tourist).
  • The 'Man as Victim' Narrative:
  • "How would you feel, waking up the next morning thinking, 'I can't get laid unless I pay for it?' The harm is done to men, too...the women are doing as much harm to the men." - (Canadian, business professional, age 40).
  • "MEN are the ones being exploited by these whores...While men can control their actions, they cannot control the urge. This leaves men open to abuse and exploitation." - (undesignated john).
  • Raymond, G. Janice. “Not A Choice, Not A Job: Exposing the Myths About Prostitution and the Global Sex Trade.” Potomac Books, (p. 40 - 43)

Finally, some good advice from Cosmo

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New favourite joke:






A Roman walks into a bar, holds up two fingers, and says ”Five beers, please.”

i dont get it

No one explain it

After the Roman drinks the beers, he tells the bartender, “I want a martinus.”

"Don’t you mean a martini?”

"If I wanted two, I would’ve asked for them."

these are the best jokes ever




Based on a true story

Uterus, you need therapy.

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…if Marvel makes Thor 3 before it makes Black Panther, it will have made ten movies headlined by blond white men named Chris before it makes one movie headlined by someone who isn’t even white.

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